We are scientists.  We are desk jockeys.  We are photographers, musicians, and teachers.  We are friends - and we're all brought together by that wonderful elixer of life that comes from those little cherries sitting on the branch of a tree in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, or Thailand.  For us, coffee has always seemed to be a center point of our lives.  Whether it was to perk us up before heading into the lab, to wind down after a long day of cruising Mammoth Mountain, or to just catch up over something delicious, a cup of coffee has provided a wonderful medium over which to create, ruminate, or collaborate.  And from those conversations came the idea of truly immersing ourselves into coffee - what is it, that allows such a small thing like the coffee bean make the world go round?


We started Bidaar in order to answer those questions.  However, what started as an idea to just roast coffee and explore its intricacies on our own quickly became so much more personal.  We began to meet producers, and started to hear their stories, giving us so much more of an understanding of the hard work and dedication behind every beautiful bean that gets roasted.  So we wanted to bring these stories to you.  Stories of amazing farmers doing incredible things like working to provide water for surrounding villages in Guatemala, or employment opportunities for women in Northern Rwanda.  Stories that we hope help you enjoy every cup you sip.  Because at the end of the day, we are what we are: