Before you start, did you rinse the filter?


Bloom grounds with 40mL of water, and stir to agitate, being careful to not tear filter.


At 0:40, do a quick, circular pour to 160mL of water.


When the water level drops approximately 1 cm, slowly add 40mL of water in an outward spiral from the center, being careful to not hit the paper edge.


Repeat 40mL pulses to the volumes:

160mL - 200mL - 240mL - 280mL - 315mL


Allow it to drain.  The time at which the stream is no longer consistently flowing should be approximately 2:30.

Before you start, did you rinse the filter?


Begin inverted, placing the plunger 1 cm into the Aeropress, and stand it up.


Add your grounds.


Pour 40mL of water, and stir vigorously to bloom.


Add the rest of the water in small circles, approximately up to 255mL, and allow it to brew.


At 1:10, place and tighten the cap with filter.  Place your mug over the cap, upside-down, to prevent spilling.  Flip it over.  Congrats, this was the hardest part!


At 1:15, plunge with even pressure, for approximately 20 seconds until it "hisses."

No filters to rinse here!


Place grounds in the carafe.


Add all of the water, making sure to evenly wet the grounds.


Allow it to sit and form a "crust"


At 4:00, use a spoon to stir and "break the crust."  Feel free to smell, as it'll smell great!


Use a spoon to scoop off the floating grounds and bubbles.


Let it sit - go make breakfast or read your emails!


At 9:00, place the cap on the carafe and lower the filter to just above the coffee - don't plunge!  Instead, pour gently through the filter into your mug.